Rough Meets Luxe | Winter Soiree at Folktale Winery, Carmel Valley

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The banquet table in the light-filled atrium at Folktale Winery is simply irresistible for an eloquent dinner party. To complete a seasonal take on rough meets luxe, stylists Hanni Liliedahl and Patricia Griffen juxtaposed accents of metallic haberdashery and crisp white linen. Wintery greens such as rosemary and citrus wax dotted bulky pillar candles. To provide a cozy atmosphere, they draped sheepskins over each seat to cocoon their guests.

We invited guests to share a vibrant seasonal feast from A Taste of Elegance Catering. Grilled stone fruits and grapes topped slow-roasted pork tenderloin, and roasted vegetables were garnished with seasonal flavors like sage, apple, and pomegranate seeds. The result was a chic winter spread.Wintery greens such as rosemary and citrus wax dotted the bulky pillar candles. Accents of metallic haberdashery juxtaposed by crisp white linen completed the seasonal take on “rough meets luxe.“

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Photography: Buena Lane Photography | Styling: Hanni Liliedahl & Patricia Giffen  | Catering: A Taste of Elegance Events | Attire & Jewelry: Foxy Couture Carmel | Venue: Folktale Winery in Carmel, California.