Ceremony with a View | Vine Hill House Wedding

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Ally and Joe may have gone to high school prom together, but it wasn’t until years later that they reacquainted in a bar in San Francisco and quickly fell back in love.

When they began planning their wedding, they thought they’d found their venue on the Central Coast. That was until they saw the Vine Hill House. As they walked up to the ceremony site, tucked above the lawn in a redwood grove overlooking the vineyards, they both had tears in their eyes. They knew it couldn’t be anywhere else.

They wanted to throw a great party for their friends and family in this beautiful space. After a heartwarming first look, the rest of the day was as relaxed and fun as they could have imagined. After dinner with a view, everyone moved up to the grove for dancing and whiskey tasting!

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Venue: Vine Hill House | Florals: Paeonina | Catering: Trends Catering | DJ: AMS Wine Country | Makeup: Urban Beauty Loft | Gown: And Something Blue | Bridesmaid Dress: Azazie | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman | Rings: Brilliant Earth | Groomsmen: Paul Smith + Generation Tux

Romantic Multicultural Celebration at Hidden Villa + Stanford Memorial Church

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When Bianca and Sam were thinking about their wedding, they wanted to plan an event that was personal to them and felt fun, inclusive, and relaxing. Following a traditional ceremony at Stanford Memorial Church, the pair planned a reception at Hidden Villa filled with personal and meaningful performances honoring their Mexican and Filipino heritage. They served carnitas, tepache, and halo-halo and hired a mariachi band for dinner entertainment. Bianca performed with her college Polynesian dance group and Sam with his band, as well as a special song dedicated to Bianca’s late father. Even with a full guest list, their celebration felt romantic, meaningful, and intimate.

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Venue: Stanford Memorial Church + Hidden Villa | Planner: Blushing Joy Events | Florals: Pickled Oak | Makeup: Design Her Image | Dessert: Jen’s Cakes + Nopalito | Gown: BoLee Bridal Couture | Bridesmaids: Azazie | Rings: Brilliant Earth | Groom’s Attire: The Black Tux | Favors: Marshall’s Farm Honey | Rentals: William’s Party Rentals | Lighting: Magical Lighting | Menus: Kelly Design | Signage: Sandra Jung | Mariachi Band: Mariachi Cardenal | Polynesian Dance Group: Kaorihiva | DJ: DJ Mpenzi | Videography: Shutter & Sound Films