Intimate Ceremony at Cathedral Beach, Yosemite

Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_000063830005.jpg

Anson and Maya wanted to show their out-of-town friends a great San Francisco weekend, culminating with a big, boisterous Russian wedding, but when they thought about where they wanted to share their vows, Yosemite felt right. They fell in love on weekend climbing trips as they fell asleep under the stars and they wanted to share this magical place with close family and friends.

The resulting itinerary gave them the best of both worlds. The vodka toasts and spirited hora would follow in San Francisco on Saturday night, but first, they shared a quiet ceremony along the river beneath El Capitan. The small gathering allowed them to be more personal and vulnerable, and Anson had many eyes watering with his surprisingly sentimental vows.

Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_091318ER502.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_091318ER107.jpg
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Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_091318ER212-2.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_091318ER243.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_091318ER276.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_091318ER253-2.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_091318ER255-2.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_000063860001.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_000063820001.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_000063860009.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_091318ER296-2.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_000063880013.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_000063820007-3.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_091318ER312-2.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_000063830010.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_091318ER460.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_000063870001-E.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_000063850013.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_000063870016.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_000063870013.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_091318ER500.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_000063850015.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_000063840011-3.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_091318ER675.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_000063840014.jpg
Intimate Yosemite Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_091318ER693.jpg

Ceremony: Cathedral Beach, Yosemite | Florals: Bride’s sister-in-law | Gown: Joanna August | Suit: SuitSupply

Radiant Late Summer Wedding at Las Positas Winery

Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_000092030016.jpg

Warmth and smiles emanated from this late summer wedding at Las Positas Winery in Livermore. Jeff and Enza wanted a small wedding, filled with love. They’d visited Las Positas Winery for years and loved the small hidden-gem vibe, and, of course, the wine.

Every one of their guests knew them both and had contributed to their love story in some way, helping to provide the feeling of a small, intimate wedding. Much like Enza’s radiant loving smile, their wedding day was bursting with love - and 90s slow jams.

Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_000092040009.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER05 copy.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER18.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER259.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER55.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118CY10-2 copy.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER170.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER282.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER177.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118CY126.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118CY55 copy.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118CY57.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER160.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER89.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER151.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER242.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER254.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_000092050004.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_000092040011.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_000092050008.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER409.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118CY199.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER452.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER432.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER442.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER753-3.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118CY343.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER334.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER348.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER735.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER878.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER862.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER837-2.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER680.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER684.jpg
Las Positas Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_090118ER973-2.jpg

Venue: Las Positas Winery | Catering: On The Vine Catering | MAUH: Status Salon | Dessert: Goodies By Jensine | Floral: Livermore Valley Florists | Bridal Gown: BoLee Bridal Couture | Bridesmaids: David's Bridal | Groomsmen: Men's Wearhouse | Shoes: Nina | Rings: Nadri | DJ: DJ Raymix | Invitations: Minted

Modern Rituals | San Francisco Wedding at Home


It's obvious to Alina's and Jason's closest friends - and those they've just met - that a warm, gracious welcome and open doors are intrinsic to who they are. Every Sunday, they invite friends and family to celebrate the shabbat in their kitchen, and send them home with two loaves of homemade challah - one to eat and one to give away. Their home is the gathering spot, the place where they make their memories, and the place where they wanted to get married.   

Before the ceremony, the women gathered upstairs for a calm and sweet bedeken, while the men cheered and sang across the hall. Alina had a touching, heartfelt blessing for every loved one who entered, but it was her brothers, three large tough-looking guys, who teared up before she could even speak. 

Just as Alina and Jason had hoped, the day was filled with a sense of community, joy, love, and playfulness. Their wedding was a lively one, with guests laughing, dancing, and singing well into the night!

000094130010-Edit copy.jpg
_79A9141 copy.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_0226.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_0318 copy.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_0682 copy.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_0870 copy.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_1042 copy.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_1097 copy.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_1232 copy.jpg

Like most things in Judaism, Alina + Jason's wedding was infused with ritual and symbolism. Alina wrote their ketubah herself and over many weeks, their loved ones decorated it with the wax from shabbat candles. 

081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_1322 copy.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_1490 copy.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_1533 copy.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_1780 copy.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_1823.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_2027.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_2048-2 copy.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_2866 copy.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_2664 copy.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_2799 copy.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_2992 copy.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_3060 copy.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_2897 copy.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_3086.jpg
081818_Alina Jason San Francisco Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_3142 copy.jpg

Venue: Private Home, San Francisco   |    Planning: Lily Spruce   |   Florals: Amanda Vidmar Design   |  Catering: Oz Catering   |   Rentals:  Bright    |   Officiant: Rabbi Mintz   |    DJ: Love in the Mix   |    Photo Booth: Giggle & Riot    |    Piano: Carl Oser   |   Gown: Bhldn    |   Valet: Peninsula Parking  

Elegant Day at Holman Ranch, Carmel Valley

111_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_00005425_41.jpg

We are so excited to share a bit from Daryl + Kelly's beautiful wedding at Holman Ranch! Not only was everything about this day absolutely stunning, the two made sure it was fun! Scroll down for their wedding cake alternative and the bride's gift to the groom. 

072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_00005423_23.jpg
003_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_00005431_138 copy.jpg
008_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_0021ER copy.jpg
010_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_0041ER copy.jpg
007_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_1666TV copy.jpg
021_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_00005427_83 copy.jpg
072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_00005427_96.jpg
015_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_0156ER copy.jpg
016_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_0160ER copy.jpg
028_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_0198ER copy.jpg
026_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_00005428_107 copy.jpg
030_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_2309TV copy.jpg
031_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_0346ER copy.jpg
024_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_00005428_98 copy.jpg
072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_1312ER.jpg
045_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_2698TV copy.jpg
048_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_0711ER copy.jpg
036_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_00005433_13 copy.jpg
053_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_00005430_71 copy.jpg
054_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_00005430_127 copy.jpg
063_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_00005433_164 copy.jpg
073_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_00005424_34.jpg
076_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_00005424_174.jpg
086_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_1024ER.jpg
099_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_1216ER.jpg
095_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_1152ER.jpg
088_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_1105ER.jpg
119_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_1482ER.jpg
126_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_1394ER.jpg
138_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_1614ER.jpg
131_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_1415ER.jpg
133_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_3691TV.jpg
124_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_3578TV.jpg
114_072118_D+K_Holman Ranch Wedding_Buena Lane Photography_1271ER.jpg

Venue: Holman Ranch, Carmel Valley   |   Planning: What a Lovely Time   |   Catering:  Paradise Catering    |  Florals:  Peonina   |  HAMU: Blush     |      Invitations:  Minted    |    Gown: Sarah Seven    |   Groom's Suit:  Knot Standard     |  Bridesmaids: The Dessy Group, Jenny Yoo     |         Music:   KJ All Stars    |    Cookies: Anthony's Cookies   |   Videography: Hit Maker Films